Building with BRICS & MORTAR

If we reach back into our childhood, we'll probably all be able to remember the story about the Three Little Pigs:  House of Straw, House of Sticks and then a House of Bricks.  The moral of this story runs deep within me and building using bricks and mortar is in the very fabric of my DNA. … Continue reading Building with BRICS & MORTAR

Would one common language help to keep the peace?

In a recent on-line debate the question was asked "Should there be one global language?" and one of the arguments delivered under the yes vote read as follows: "If there was to be a single global language that all the world's citizens would have the ability to communicate easily with individuals from different countries thus creating … Continue reading Would one common language help to keep the peace?

Localization World June 2013 London

So the Language Olympics have come to a close and it is now time to reflect upon, and then put into practise, some of the things we have learned about over the last few days.  No matter where you come from it was hard not to hear the boisterous buzz in the Novotel London West … Continue reading Localization World June 2013 London