What is your USP?

How often do you hear this question?  In a sales environment it is something that is drummed into you throughout your sales career.  Each company has their own "USP"  (Unique Selling Point) or so they will tell you anyway.  However, why is it that some people sell more than others in the same company? I … Continue reading What is your USP?

I grew up with a lawyer as a father!!!!

A hugely misleading title to this blog post, well on face value it is anyway, because my father most certainly wasn't a lawyer.  It does add great metaphorical value at the end though 🙂 A recent post on the UKTI LinkedIn group asked if there were any grants available to assist in the translation of their … Continue reading I grew up with a lawyer as a father!!!!

The Danger of Departmentalization

I recently came across a blog on the Harvard Business Review which departmentalized sales people into 5 different categories. Relationship Builders Hard workers Lone Wolves Reactive Problem Solvers Challengers After reading the article I posted a question on the Advance Selling Podcast LinkedIn group page asking the question as to whether "Challengers" were the future … Continue reading The Danger of Departmentalization

Should your content be more personal?

As the digital revolution continues to move on, even Moore's Law is beginning to struggle to keep up so want chance have we got?  In reality though it is no longer the speed of the hardware, or in fact the speed of your internet connection, (although I would question the latter on most days) but it … Continue reading Should your content be more personal?