A cultural weekend away with my second family

Once a year a multicultural group of over 45 work colleagues arrive in a secret city location to engulf themselves in the culture of that locale. Leading up to the event there is a series of clues released, by the organising committee, with the final reveal around 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the arrival … Continue reading A cultural weekend away with my second family


Are you closed for business??

Starting in June each year pockets of countries from across Europe start breaking up for summer.  It happens every year and yet every year we're surprised by it.  It sometimes feels like the whole country has gone away on vacation and by the time we reach August it feels like half of Europe are sunning … Continue reading Are you closed for business??

Stemming the rot of commoditization

I have been toying with the idea of whether to post this blog for some time now... It was drafted a few months back when I was sat at a crossroads about what to do with my career.  The localization industry hasn't been particularly kind to me in recent times and I found myself doubting … Continue reading Stemming the rot of commoditization

Building with BRICS & MORTAR

If we reach back into our childhood, we'll probably all be able to remember the story about the Three Little Pigs:  House of Straw, House of Sticks and then a House of Bricks.  The moral of this story runs deep within me and building using bricks and mortar is in the very fabric of my DNA. … Continue reading Building with BRICS & MORTAR

I grew up with a lawyer as a father!!!!

A hugely misleading title to this blog post, well on face value it is anyway, because my father most certainly wasn't a lawyer.  It does add great metaphorical value at the end though 🙂 A recent post on the UKTI LinkedIn group asked if there were any grants available to assist in the translation of their … Continue reading I grew up with a lawyer as a father!!!!