Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-28

The right here and now! Over the last few months there has been some significant changes in my life and I am attributing a number of them to my change in attitude. I've heard so many people over the years say "just live for the moment" or something of that ilk and a quick search using … Continue reading Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-28

Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-15

Sometimes the very thing you need to change is right there at the end of your nose. In my case this was quite literally the case. Over a number of weeks now I've been staring down further and further towards the bottom rim of my glasses. Anyone out there who wears glasses with varifocal lenses (progressive … Continue reading Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-15

A cultural weekend away with my second family

Once a year a multicultural group of over 45 work colleagues arrive in a secret city location to engulf themselves in the culture of that locale. Leading up to the event there is a series of clues released, by the organising committee, with the final reveal around 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the arrival … Continue reading A cultural weekend away with my second family

Terry’s takeaway 2016-01-02

Finding the source: Complimentary to yesterday's listening blog  today I found myself asking where the source of the issue came from. Albert Einstein once said that you first have to understand why it got to where it is before you begin to fix it, I'm paraphrasing a little here of course as I don't have his intellect. … Continue reading Terry’s takeaway 2016-01-02