This butterfly has flown

It’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him

It is quite incredible, after nearly a decade in this industry that the time has come to move on. Not entirely correct I don’t suppose! I will still remain in international business and marketing but I’ll be utilising the extensive knowledge I’ve gained from all of my peers from within this industry to benefit those I’ll be helping in the next. Some things, however, you just can’t learn, they come from somewhere far deeper than a 2D thinking plain. On today’s multidimensional playing field we need players who can think way beyond any proverbial box, we need ones who have much greater insight, who have learned from the past and who are not afraid to take a huge leap of faith.

The new kid in town

Step into the arena BrowserBloom Ltd. The baby of two business-focussed masters. So you might have guessed that one of those is, yours truly. With over 3 decades of international business knowledge from an array of industries, there is nothing that I’m not willing to hear about and, more importantly, learn about. Throughout my varied career, I have always had both an educated technical understanding and a 6th sense for international business. So when Amine approached me to discuss the possibilities of setting up a boutique SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service with a view to helping clients hit the top of the ranks on a global scale, it more than piqued my interest. Over the months and years that followed, we spent many a spare hour working out what would work best for our potential clients.


So before I continue here are a few words about Amine. With over 2 decades of working in digital marketing and a raft of testimonials from some very impressive clients in his chosen field of organic SEO, there are few, and none that I have heard of, who in today’s business world know more about this subject matter. It changes so frequently that you have to be a prolific reader and fanatically obsessed lover of this digital craft to stay on top of your game and Amine has both these attributes in spades.

The killer combo

Our combined energy and knowledge is a killer blow to those competing in this space, in fact, there isn’t anyone out there right now who can offer the services that we already offer at BrowserBloom. So if you want to get yourself to the top of the search rankings in organic searches in your chosen field of business, then drop us a line and we’ll take a look at how we can maybe help you too.