What’s with all the positivity?

Oh, look, an update!

So I’ve had a leave of absence for a number of weeks now but nothing like a new year to kick you up the bum, eh?

Actually, it has nothing to do with the new year it is literally the first time that I’ve had the headspace to be able to put the metaphorical “pen to paper”. As with everyone else, there comes a time in one’s life when silence is the best options and I chose this option.

So 2018, what’s it all about? Why the big euphoria once again? What is it about a new year that makes everyone feel so positive for about 2 days and then, “BOOM”!! reality kicks in. I see this in so many of my personal network, both business and private and think it’s about time that somebody penned some home truths.

This is my take on it all. A large portion of us have overeaten, overspent, and generally overindulged full stop during the final week or so of the old year. We’ve taken “time-out” to recharge the batteries and we’ve come back to work all upbeat and singing the praises of a new year. Very quickly though we uncover that all this excess has a price to pay and not just a financial one. Our heads are still swimming in the clouds of new beginnings, new budgets, new clients and suddenly there’s an old one that springs something on you that you had hoped would go away. Nope, that’s not going to happen, just ask our PM, Brexit is still rumbling on and causing all sorts of complications. The reality is that so many of us forget that even though we would like a clean slate for the new year, “the new me” and all that, it can’t be done without a truly level-headed reality check. Yes there are some amazing people out there telling us all the things we want to hear about how this is going to be our best year ever, believe me, I’ve been there and done them all before but without the buy-in from all those around you, your positivity touchpaper will fizzle out like the New Year’s Eve fireworks you lit just a week or so back.

Now on to the good bit. It isn’t all doom and gloom because your mindset will actually make a difference. Planning will help, setting goals will help, having buy-in from those around you will help but none of it will bring you what you want if YOU don’t help yourself first. You have to have done a large portion of the groundwork already, particularly in the closing stages of last year, in fact, if you haven’t this will be the first thing you need to do and one of the main reasons why your positivity is already dwindling. So pick up where you left off and apply your “new year” positivity to the hard work you did last year and you’ll soon be out of the January slump.

For me, 2017 was very much like the first and last month of the year and the first week of the following one all rolled up into 365 days. It started with a bang, fizzled out badly, gave me a MASSIVE kick in the teeth (the reality check) before finally ending on a high. It is this high that I am bringing with me into 2018 and as I’ve fortunately had my reality check already, I am extremely confident that this truly will be my best year ever.

So go on, embrace it, be realistic, be positive but above all be you!

Wishing you all, a very happy and prosperous 2018.