Getting outside after a long week

It might be quite apparent to some of you that I am a great believer that we should spend as much time as we can outdoors. So after a deterioration of health within the family unit towards the back end of last week there was very little opportunity for any of us to be out of the house much. Over the weekend however things improved significantly and today we had some glorious weather in our part of the country, albeit a bit on the chilly side. No such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices; is a regular passage spoken in our house. 

So off we set, with the sunlight streaming through the car window we headed north east to Fountains Abbey. Making good time on some strangely empty roads we arrived well before lunch and flashed our national trust cards upon entry. We love it there, their well maintained grounds and stunning views are just the tonic you need when you’ve been cooped up in your office half the week and travelling on public transport and pounding trade floors the other. Add to that two little ones who have were both going square eyed from the relentless repeats of the sound of music and fireman Sam (sickness bugs kind of do that to you) and the inevitable energy release followed by total energy drain were of no surprise. 

With only 1/2 mile left to go they’d both had enough but the promise of lunch and a warm room to eat it in was fortunately tempting enough to help them reach their final reserves. After this we had another fairly traffic free drive home and our vitamin D had been given a well needed boost. 

This is why I enjoy my life so much. Everything is intertwined the energy I gain from days out with my loved ones like this set me up perfectly to tackle a new week of work ahead. One compliments the other in harmonious equilibrium and the challenges from either are made easier by the joyful memories of the other, bringing a state of zen like stability to both worlds. 

It is time in the open air that helps with the healing process of my mind, revitalising every fibre of my being. Is it any wonder therefore that I’m sat here right now waxing lyrical about the virtues of being outdoors. We all have to make choices in our lives and today was certainly the right one to make in mine. 


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