If you live in the present your new world starts every day!

Over the last 48 hours there has been so much talk and comparisons made regarding the inauguration of the latest president of America. I do not doubt in the slightest that things on the world stage are going to change over the coming weeks, months, years; and I really don’t want to start hypothesising about where America is going to be 5 years from now, because quite frankly there is precious little I do in my life which can influence the direction she is taking. What I can do though is take control of my own life. I can influence the small few who surround me, who need me, who love me, and who believe in me. Who then in turn can do the same to those in their close circle of life. If we start looking for all the good things to share, smiling at people we barely know and sharing our inner most thoughts with those who we truly love and trust, then maybe just maybe this united act of loving kindness can steer the world in a more harmonious direction than the one we’re currently being fed by the world’s doom and gloom press. 

Every day I wake up surrounded by my loving family, I meditate and find inner peace to start the day, and I then try to share some of this joy with anyone I can so they too can have a small moment of happiness in their day.  I am not special, I have a million flaws, I hurt in so many ways but I live in the present moment and as a result my life has a new beginning each and every moment in each and every day. I learn from the past, I forgive myself and others for things I now understand to be hurtful and I continue to listen to my body, my mind and my surroundings so that I don’t make these hurtful mistakes again. I don’t always succeed either but I try and by doing so I change over time. So if you too, as I did not all too long since, find yourself being absorbed by the poison of the press and those who preach it without validation, then take a moment to breath, think about where you are and become present in your here and now. It will, I assure you, take away the initial pain and help you focus on what really matters, YOU and those close to you.