Goal setting for 2017

A week behind the curve this year for me this one, but nonetheless it has been a particularly thorough exercise this time around.

This is my second year of following Micheal Hyatt’s principals for your best year ever and having reflected on what went right and what didn’t go right last year I think this year should be a much more balanced year than 2016.

I’m amazed to hear how few people actually write down their goals each year, especially when Harvard business studies prove that you have a 43% greater chance of attaining your goals if this is all you do. Couple that with an action plan, mentors, well thought out specific and balanced goals, your fulfilment chances rise significantly more and therefore it would be entirely foolish of me not to do this. Especially as 2017 is going to be another busy and successful year.

As it stands right now I’m just finishing off the final touches to my 8 goals, I’ve committed them into writing, I’ve shared them with a select few who will hold me to account throughout the year and I have scheduled the completion dates into my wall calendar. Once the progression milestones have been sanitised they too will be added to the calendar and each of my mentors informed so that we can arrange our review dates.

To some of you out there this will all sound like hairy-fairy mumbo-jumbo stuff, management BS, or just a plain waste of time, but as a testament to how this stuff actually does work, I managed to build my own office last year. As well as qualifying to become a level 2 British cycling coach, closing out an outstanding business year in Q4, teaching my daughter how to ride her bike, having an operation, and recovering therefrom, on my shoulder (from which I’ve been suffering over 6 years) increasing my running ability to run a sub 50 minute 10km and still maintaining my cycling fitness to enable me to lead out our club rides on nearly every Tuesday of the year. This is all in addition to the normal run of the mill family life stuff which we all have.

When I set out these goals last year they seemed totally insurmountable on paper, but I was driven and determined to do them and I wrote them all down. As a result they happened, not without hardship, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, but that’s why this year things will be even better.

So remember the only thing stopping you doing what you have to/ need to do, is you. If nothing else write down your goals on paper and hold yourself accountable for them, but if like me you need more pressure than that, then I would encourage you to look up Michael Hyatt and hear what he has to say about true goal setting.

Have a great 2017, all of you.