Terry’s takeaway 2016-12-11

Give praise 

Quite an apt title for a Sunday but this does not refer to any religious beliefs as both they and politics are items I am trying to ensure I keep out of my business life. 

So why write on a Sunday? Well today I took my daughter (5 years 11 months) to her very first parkrun. Her interest was piqued by my winter training. Biking and UK winters are not always something that go hand in hand, and this year I have issued myself a new rule “no riding below 3 deg, solo, and when it’s dark” Surprisingly these parameters come into play a lot more often than it would first appear and in order to ensure that I don’t lose all my cardio fitness and leg muscles over winter I have started running again. 

I do seriously enjoy it though and when you’re out 3 times a week running and just once or twice maximum cycling, kids pick up on it quickly. 

Two weeks back I agreed that I would take her to the parkrun and today was the day.  Her inaugural 2km. 13.42s and all holding my hand around the entire course. I cannot tell you how proud I felt. I did however tell her this and the light that shone in her pretty little face was sheer gold. 

It allowed me also to think about what these few words of praise did for her and for the rest of our day too. Just a few honest words of encouragement and gratitude enriched our entire Sunday. 

So this week I challenge all of us to find just one or two words of praise each day and to let that person know. Both yours and their world will be significantly more pleasant as a result.