Terry’s takeaway 02-12-2016

Beauty in the mundane

Long dark mornings and early dark evenings have been a productivity killer for me in the past. It wasn’t until recently that I’d found a way to beat this demon into submission and I’ve done this by finding beauty in the mundane.

Mundane – lacking in interest- A pretty harsh word when you consider that a large portion of what we do in our life could be categorised as such. So finding a way to break the mould and the stigma attached to it has been quite a challenge.

So what have I done, and how does this help?

I have quite simply changed my mindset about the “mundane” – yes I did say this was a challenge but bear with me. It actually requires a huge amount of positive thinking to do this and it is the final outcome that keeps me motivated.

The analogy

Imagine you’re a train on a track. You’re heading down the East Coast mainline the stations you stop at are all the same, the speed you travel between them is regulated and there are any number of incidents which could occur on-route that could affect your arrival time positively or negatively. Every day there is something different going to affect your journey and you could even have to move track; but no matter what, get there you will and your work for that part of the day is complete. Regardless of how difficult the journey can become you have to keep moving forward. And it is the engine driving the wheels and the wheels moving along the track do this. These two elements are the mundane.

The real world

To transpose this into my world I have to relate to the destination as my client’s outcome. Each time I speak to a new potential client he has a final stop, the finished article in whatever languages that may be. Along the journey there are a number of steps we have to complete, both in the sales process and in the delivery process; these are the stations on-route. In most cases we have to stop at each and every one of those stations in order to complete our job properly and in some case there are even additional stops required (the track deviation).

The mundane in all of this is the necessary admin, the recording, the follow up, the attention to detail, the list is extensive and though the content can vary tremendously, the task is always the same.

What I’ve been able to do recently, in very much the same way as listening to the clickety-clack of the train on the track, is find some peace and tranquillity, comfort in fact, of knowing that each time I enter this information into our CRM I’m one station closer to helping my client achieve their outcome. And that is a very power motivator.

At this time of year then, I liken being surrounded by darkness to a long tunnel on my train journey and use it to complete the mundane, in comfort and harmony.