Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-22

Face to face is always better- no really ALWAYS!

A busy few days at the end of last week organising some last minute travel arrangements to Madrid meant I haven’t been able to update here for a couple of days.

Last night I landed in Madrid so that I could meet with one of my clients first thing this morning.

Up until today all our business has been conducted over the telephone, conference call and email due to the distance between our offices. Time zones have also meant that they have an intense end to their day and equally we have an intense start to ours. Quite honestly don’t know which I prefer if I’m honest but either way we both have the ultimate goal to do good business together and it works.

When the client then suggested that we meet in one of our voice recording environments so that they could evaluate first hand our set-up and project progress we were only too happy to oblige.

For some in our industry this would have struck them down with horror. The very thought of a client visiting their environment would induce a cold sweat somewhat akin to being spooked at midnight by a man in werewolf costume, and probably with good reason too. In an industry where there are over 28,000 LSPs (Language Service Providers) it is often easy for one or two people to set up a company, which on face value would seem like a much larger organisation with a majestic office space, but which in reality is a rented cubicle at best. There is a reason why people should do more research when looking for language services and also a reason why some don’t. The truth is you often get exactly that what you pay for and travelling the globe to see somebody’s bedroom is not good use of funds.

When our client met with us this morning they were very pleasantly surprised. In their own words “This makes me very happy”. We’ve had an enormously productive day and tomorrow is also going to be just as busy but we’ve achieved more in the last 10 hours than we would have done in 2 weeks and time really is money.

All of the above plays nothing but second fiddle to the magnitude of the value from actually meeting with the client in this face to face environment. The smiles, the puzzled faces, the frowns and the surprise recognition when the penny drops have all formed part of this meet, and none of which will be forgotten. So that when we all return to our own office spaces in our own countries and have our early morning/ late evening conference calls, the signs, smells and smiles will too be part of those meetings, even if we’re no longer in the same room.



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