Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-16


When you have a longer sales cycle being able to celebrate your successes is sometimes a bit of an anticlimax. It has taken so long to get there, and often times the midnight oil has found itself on the final few drops, that the only celebrating you feel like doing is curling up in bed for a good night’s sleep.

So what I’ve found myself doing is creating little reward steps along the way. Mini celebrations if you like. These have a profound impact on your personal¬†psyche and can help you stay motivated throughout these longer sales cycles.

Our inner chimp (Dr Steve Peters again) needs rewards from time to time, otherwise he throws a fit so as long as you set out some milestones that are achievable (Yes SMART does work) then you can allocate varying reward grades for each stage. It doesn’t mean that you go on a spending binge every time you’ve had a good phone call, these rewards can be as simple as taking 5 minutes for a cup of tea or, if you’re a social media addict allowing yourself 10 minutes in that rabbit hole (set a timer for this one though because that’s a whole different blog about procrastination and time wasting). Whatever it is you do make sure you take that guilt free reward for good work.

Now I can already see some people out there using this as a means of justification for a guilty pleasure, but that’s not what this is all about. This is about taking time to embrace success and when the big one does come along, hopefully you’ll not be anywhere near as stressed as you’ve previously been because this little tip will have given you the time out required to reflect on how much you’ve achieved on each significant stage of the journey.