Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-15

Sometimes the very thing you need to change is right there at the end of your nose.

In my case this was quite literally the case. Over a number of weeks now I’ve been staring down further and further towards the bottom rim of my glasses. Anyone out there who wears glasses with varifocal lenses (progressive lenses as they call them over the water) will tell you that this can only mean one thing. Time for an eye test.

A couple of weeks back I did exactly this and it was confirmed that my prescription had changed and that I was now in need of something a little stronger.

These last two weeks have been quite tough, knowing that the pair of glasses I was using were adequate but weren’t quite good enough and today saw (pardon the pun) the arrival of their replacements.

What a difference they have made already. Lighter, clearer and stronger and most importantly fit for purpose.

So what’s this got to do with sales? Well quite a lot really. Frequently I hear prospects tell me that they are “OK” with what they’ve got and that the service they get is adequate, but when I dig a little deeper it tends to uncover a different story.

More often than not they’ve been used to the same pair of glasses and despite staring at the rims, because the service is no longer sufficient, they continue to wear them. Well maybe now would be a good time to have that health check. Maybe now you could see that your needs have changed and that over time your older prescription is no longer good enough.

So unless your current provider can offer you those missing or improved services that you now need, maybe a new pair of glasses might just be the right tonic for you too.