Terry’s takeaway 2016-11-09

Make the call

Too often the lure of sending a quick message, via email, text or social media; is far more appealing when you’re not “feeling it”.

Probably because my body is still playing catch-up after a busy weekend and months of limited sleep (young kids do that to your sleep patterns), but this afternoon found me heading towards this infernal trap.

The thing is I actually love talking to people so sending out messages in writing does not help me out of that rut, in fact it only serves to enhance the negative feeling I get from it. So despite the natural digression into this soul destroying and quite frankly poor form of prospecting I fought against it and picked up the phone.

Nothing quite beats the sound of another human-being talking about their issues when you have the tools in your armoury to help them get over those issues. You really do have to hold back too. It would be so simple to rush right in and shout about this amazing solution that is the utopia to their pain, but a small back catalogue of missed opportunities from shooting too soon now has an amazing pull on my lips and stops them from opening.

The medicine to my fatigue arrived, and the enthusiasm I’m renowned for was revitalised and all because I made the call.