Terry’s takeaway 2016-01-02

Finding the source:

Complimentary to yesterday’s listening blog  today I found myself asking where the source of the issue came from.

Albert Einstein once said that you first have to understand why it got to where it is before you begin to fix it, I’m paraphrasing a little here of course as I don’t have his intellect. And this is true for nearly every situation, a doctor won’t prescribe you any medication without first examining what’s the matter with you.

When humans are your main tools for the services you provide you have a complication factor of about 10 fold in comparison to machinery. You can’t just run a fault finding program to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and even if you could each individual would have to have its own bespoke program. Our minds, environments, influences and health are changing constantly  and what was simple today might prove to be impossible in the morning.

So when confronted with a “major issue” this morning it appeared that after a number of well presented questions that these “major” issues were in fact not so major after all and were in fact more down to a simple human misunderstanding.

By actively listening to the issue the questions flowed naturally and the problem was resolved quickly.