Terry’s takeaway 2016-10-31

One thing after another:

Welcome back and after my week away, although I did find myself working because you never really do get time off in sales you just have time away from your normal working environment, I’m feeling really refreshed.

My first day back in the office today and remarkably my inbox was very successfully dealt with during some of my downtime, enabling me to get back to it much faster. I know that it is not expected of me, but then again why shouldn’t I?  You’re supposed to do things you enjoy when you’re off right? So I enjoy my job and therefore if I throw in a few extra hours when I’ve got the time during my vacation why shouldn’t I.  Bedsides which this is a very busy week, end of the month today, second 1/3rd of the final quarter starts tomorrow and I’ve just had my busiest sales month for a long time so it all made sense to me.

One of the downsides to being so busy is getting things done and inevitably something will slip if you’re not careful.  I’ve read a number of books on how to get things done in an efficient manner but here’s a little snippet of wisdom from the coal face. YOU CAN NOT DO MORE THAN ONE THING AT A TIME!

This is a proven medical fact and all those “masters of multitasking” out there are probably screaming at me right now about being able to type whilst they’re on the phone or reading an email during a conference call …blah blah blah, but believe me your mind can only do one thing at a time. You may well believe that you’re doing things faster but you’re not. The reality is you’re most likely doing more things less efficiently and that’s where careful time management and planning comes into play.

So this morning I set out my stall, my task lists were prioritised and I completed one thing after another (One frog at a time). As the day went on it was beginning to look like I could even bring frogs forward from tomorrow’s list but sadly the unexpected happened and they’ll just have to be done in the morning now. Nonetheless I’ve completed my task list for today and whilst given everything my full and undivided attention.