Terry’s Takeaway 2016-10-21


There is so much power in a compliment. Just a simple “hey you’re looking well” can give you all the strength you need to get through the day, particularly when you’ve had a 4am start.

So when this happened to me on my return walk from dropping my youngest off at nursery this morning; it had more power than the triple shot espresso I’d used to get me there in the first place. It was doubly powerful too as I’d had the 4am wake up, and a 5am start to my day, due to the female side of my family leaving the boy and I on our own for a week. Their early start found them flying out to Sweden for a short vacation with my wife’s amazing parents.

As the day went on, more coffee was required but then I received yet another great compliment and this time from a source that does not regularly offer these, my eldest son David. He called from Germany to have a catch up during his afternoon, which fortunately coincided with my lunch. So caffeine free I continued the rest of the afternoon and passed on similar compliments to my team in Spain and my clients all over the globe at every opportunity I got.

The results we simply profound, this was not just the Friday feelgood factor, this was a wonderful human reaction in a business world. People do buy from people and if you are a real person with real intent and integrity people will naturally feel happier talking to you than they will to some script driven machine.

Now I’m away for then next week and I do not intend to write my daily takeaway during that time. So please, if you would, find one good thing to say to somebody each day during the course of the following week and we’ll all be feeling much happier when I return.