Terry’s Takeaway 2016-10-17

Free your mind

Weekends are generally full of things to do. Mostly it is about doing those things you don’t find time for during the week, but as the nights are drawing in here in the northern hemisphere the outdoor tasks are mounting up more than they do during the summer months. So when I started work this morning I had a whole bunch of unfinished weekend tasks still outstanding and they were lying heavy on my mind.

Consequently today I’ve not been with it. In fact I’ve been quite out of sorts thinking about all the other stuff that needs doing and therefore not doing the workday stuff efficiently as I would normally.

By lunchtime today I had to take action. I usually take an hour for lunch and I normally get about 1/2 hour of that to read and take some “me” time. Today I didn’t. Today I rushed lunch and had 40 minutes to clear up a few of those outdoor tasks left outstanding from the weekend. In so doing my afternoon has been twice as productive as my morning was.

So in order to do be your best from the outset you have to clear your mind. If something can’t wait, then do it now. Even if it means taking 10 minutes out of your personal time these few extra minutes will make all the difference and that may be just enough to free your mind.