Terry’s Takeaway 2016-10-10

Politics can stop you from living life:

I have always believed that I have a healthy interest in politics. Micro, macro local, national and international no matter where you look there is something political going on and living in the belief that you should be informed to make a voting decision; I’ve kept myself up to speed with most things that are going on.

More recently though, things have changed.  I have found myself getting uptight, angry, annoyed, in fact, outraged at the way our political landscape is shaping up. Not just here in the UK but the world over. It has absorbed me and I can’t listen to anything without finding myself ranting on about how people should educate themselves before being allowed to tick the box or how can the politicians just lie like that without being held to account….

…..BUT STOP isn’t that the whole point of democracy? Freedom of speech, the free will of the people, the right to exercise your democratic right in a voting system designed to be fair, which express the wishes of those who can be bothered to turn out and put their “X” in the box of their choosing (again their choice to go out or not).

So what good is this ranting and raving doing me? Why should I actually care about what others do? Why, in fact, should I flesh out the content of my social media posts with political rants in a partisan attempt to inform the unwitting/ unwilling of the mistakes, I believe, they are making for not voting the same way I do? Yes WHY?

My sales idol Anthony Iannarino has been talking for years about discarding politics out of my daily routine and this is one of those elements which I’ve found so difficult to do.  But here’s the thing, and I have to thank Anthony for this because it is only due to his words that I’ve come around to this way of thinking. If I want to influence the outcome of an election then I should become a politician. I should set out my stall, lay down my values and preach them to the world.  Those who agree will vote for me and those who don’t, wont. As I’m not a politician, nor do I want to be one, then I should not be doing their job for them. Why, if they’re not reaching the wider public like they should be, should I feel compelled to do it for them?

I would dearly like for the world to be a better place for my children to grow up into and I would dearly like for large swathes of society to hold the same beliefs I hold about the environment, human rights, sexism, equality …the list goes on. The thing is, people are different, beliefs are different and though I strongly believe that I hold a very strong and moral high ground  on some issues that does not mean to say that it is right in other people’s eyes.

So here’s my vow.

For the sake of my own sanity, to stop the unadulterated filling of my social media feeds and so I can get on with my own job and not do that of a politicians; I will no longer get involved in politics.

This includes micro, macro, local, national and world politics. You all have the same level of access to information that I have so read it if you want, leave it if you don’t. I know how I feel about things, and on certain issues I will stand up to be counted if there is a need to do so, but I am no longer going to allow politics to get in the way of life.