Terry’s Takeaway 2016-10-07

Final one from a busy week and today’s food for the weekend is “if you are honest with your pricing then there is nothing to worry about”

After a few early starts and late finishes this week it is now time to reflect on why. The root cause of this extra time has been partly down to understanding that there is a price attached to a service for a reason. Yes we all talk about “ROI” and “value for money services” but there’s a difference between being paying for something intangible but real and paying for something that you believe should be there but is not.

Sometimes I overhear some “so called” sales professionals uttering phrases like “Oh you have to tailor your price to their ability to pay” In other words, “I’ll get as much out of them as I can” especially when they are perceived to have the large enough budget to afford it. I’d like to say that this attitude is dwindling but I have neither the data nor the time to research it to back it up. Therefore this is one of the reasons why our profession has got such a poor reputation and it is, in my humble opinion, neither good practice nor ethical.

As a consequence of this viewpoint that I found myself questioning the justification for an uplift in price and having to go over every single detail to ensure that what I was doing lived up to these beliefs.

In short my worries were totally unfounded the justification was more than acceptable and the client was eternally grateful that we highlighted these hidden requirements, because otherwise the rest of the project could have been placed in jeopardy.

So my¬†weekend wisdom says, if you’re always honest and consistent with your pricing then let the client worry about it; after all it is their money we’re talking about.

Be good and have fun