Terry’s Takeaway 2016-10-06

Right I think I’m happy with the format of the title now.

So what have we today? Well first up look at the time; it has been a long old day today with a 5am start and at 7pm I’m still sat at my desk. So today’s takeaway is timing.

The 5am start wasn’t an accident. I didn’t wake up and think… “Oh let’s get some work done” I did however wake up and say, “right then let’s get those quotes out so that the recipient gets them in their inbox 10 to 15 minutes after they’ve started work.

The logic behind this was simple. When working across multiple time-zones it is always good to ensure that you make sure you are sensitive to that. Sending an email out at the last hour of their day is not going to make that top priority for them and depending on the volume of mail they get overnight, it could actually find itself overlooked. Secondly, starting work at 8.30am and sending an email first thing to a client who’s halfway through their day doesn’t always solicit the right response either, especially if that person is likely to be in back to back meetings all day.

Finally, I am a morning person, not everyone is I know but I am. So being a morning person I am significantly more proficient at certain tasks in a morning, of which writing is usually one of them.

So yes, I got up early, I sent my emails and I got my response, pretty much immediately actually, and it teed me up nicely for the rest of the day.