Today’s takeaway – 4th October 2016

Ooops I was running late after work yesterday and didn’t get time to do this.

Anyway the biggest takeaway from yesterday was to not be bullied into doing something because you can’t see an alternative way out.

It is always a difficult call when emotions are involved, and because we are people dealing with people, emotions are ALWAYS involved. So when you mix the emotions with significant financial impact the kettle is poised to reach boiling point very quickly.  To explain this analogy; the heater element is the emotions and the level of water is inversely proportional to the financial impact.  In other words the more money that’s at stake the less water you have and the more emotions you are feeling the higher the kW output of your heater.

In these situations you have to step outside and look at the situation from a more global position. If you can’t add more water then you have to decrease the heat and this is the element which only YOU are in control of.

If you have read Dr Steve Peters “Chimp Paradox” then you’ll be familiar with the term “exercising your chimp” and if you aren’t then this is a really good book to read.  It will help you take control of poisonous situations like this, which are charged with emotion.

Have fun today and see you back here for another Terry’s Takeaway later on.