Terry’s Takeaway -5th October 2016

A week in and already I’ve changed the title of my daily workday blog.  That’s just how I roll; if it can be improved and/or adds value then it gets done.

And that’s the seamless intro to today’s takeaway!

When I started work this morning I had a to do list longer than my arm.  I’ve tried many ways over the years to keep these lists down to a minimum whilst not forgetting the important ones and recently I’ve managed to do this quite effectively. How?



There are so many different tools out there but THE most important tool you have is your CRM.  There’s a study I’ve heard about, carried out by people far better educated than me, who say that we can only cope with around 150 “Friends/ Relationships” in our mind after which the intensity of servicing them becomes too much. I would probably say it is significantly fewer, however I’m not in that field of expertise so what do I know. With that said then it is obvious that we need help to do this. CRM tools are by far the best way to keep up to date but they do not take into consideration our other “none client related” tasks. Also they rely on US to be efficient in the way that we use them.  That’s where extended knowledge of our own ability and time management skills come into it.

WARNING A second book recommendation coming up:

If you haven’t read it “Eat that Frog” by   Brian Tracy will give you a practical framework on how to stop procrastination, and get you through that to do list. Based on Brian’s unique methodologies I can now eat my way through my daily lists with relative ease and then find the time required to go that little bit further for my relationship management.


A very recent addition to my arsenal, but there are other options available so you don’t have to be an “Apple guy” to do this. In a morning ,whilst walking the dog, I listen to podcasts; during which there are often action points I need to take a note of.  Up until I became an “Apple guy” I had to stop the show open up Evernote, rewind the podcast to get the name again, write the name down and then add a reminder.  Now I press and hold my pause button and ask Siri to take down the reminder for me.  It sounds cheesy, even gimmicky, but it really works. Taking notes down whilst on the move is hard work and becomes a barrier to doing so, but not now, and the results are already proving their worth.


As a premium user of this tool I’m obviously not going to speak poorly about it, but the simplicity with which it works across all platforms makes it the best in bread in my opinion. I take notes, I keep lists up to date and I take photos of notebooks after meetings. This results in me not having to spend time typing it up into the CRM when I get back in the office. I simply cut and paste what’s relevant and, job done.

Well that’s enough to get you started. See you back here tomorrow.