Today’s takeaway 28th September 2016

No, I’m not going to spend my money on some savoury delights this is just an impromptu daily round up my sales activity from today.

After a great start to the week things had begun to lose momentum. I suppose that’s not a bad thing as you can’t always run at 100 miles per hour otherwise you’ll either burn out or hit a tree. I do, however, think that my mind had wandered away too much and it needed a tonic to get it back on track. So right on cue along pops up another call on my forever expanding to do list and I dialled the number. “Hi (potential client) ……” and on we went discussing this and that until the time was right to ask the main question I’d called to discover.  “So about this tender we spoke about last time; are we any closer to understanding when it is likely to be made public?”  As my day had not been going all too well the answer of to this question came as quite a surprise.. “Oh bugger it Terry I’m not going to lie to you…” At this point my inner sales disappointment defence mechanism was kicking in, this by the way is what some people call elephant skin and without it a salesperson may as well look for a new vocation. “We’re about 1 to 2 weeks away, give me a call next week so I can fill you in with some more details”


So first up, it is not like I never been invited to tender before.  In fact we’re actually very selective about the tenders we do take part in.  Tenders are time consuming and, unless the formula fits the exacting requirements of the requesting party, it is rare that you make it past first base.  No first up was that this is a tender I’ve been discussing with the client for the best part of 2 years now and though it was potentially going to move forward this year it was much more likely to be next year.

Secondly, this is actually a tender where we can make a difference.  Not to us, albeit it will be very nice if we do get the contract, no most importantly we can make a real difference for the client. Over the last few years I’ve got to understand the pains that this client has been going through and I know that we can smooth out most, if not all, of them.

Thirdly, my contact has opened up to me in a way that has previously not happened, giving me good reason to believe that he now accepts me as a trusted adviser in this very specific area.

So yes today has been a lovely hump day and now onward and upward. Helping others makes my job so satisfying.