Are you closed for business??

Starting in June each year pockets of countries from across Europe start breaking up for summer.  It happens every year and yet every year we’re surprised by it.  It sometimes feels like the whole country has gone away on vacation and by the time we reach August it feels like half of Europe are sunning themselves on a beach, climbing some of the highest mountains, trekking across the desert or going on a wildlife safari (not to shoot lions I hasten to add, unless you’re dentist of course).

It is at times like this when I look back at my time in Germany and marvel at the organisational prowess the country has.

From June until September Germany is on summer vacation but not all at once.  They use a staggered summer vacation system whereby the 16 states each take a 6 week block at a different time to the one they had in the previous year.  By default this means that most of the larger corporations have “Urlaubsvetretung” (vacation cover) in another states, should they want to close down a plant for 3 weeks maintenance (which they regularly do).  The maintenance crews are brought in from another “Werk” (site) and by the time the workforce returns to work, after having spent 3 whole weeks relaxing with their families, everything is as good as new.  The machinery is fully serviced, the site is clean and the workforce has been able to wind down and relax enough to start afresh.  All of this happens and to an onlooker engaging with the company they see very little change.

Now I know this is an ideal world which I am talking about here, but it really does happen and at CPSL we have been doing something similar for years.

It is a little understood fact that in our industry there are over 27,000 LSPs worldwide but only 8.16% of them have more than 20 FTE (full time employees), making this kind of vacation cover nigh on impossible for the majority.  These figures taken from the “The Language Services Market: 2013” written by the Common Sense Advisory (an independent Massachusetts-based market research company)

Over the years that CPSL have been in business we have established a very well-polished handover procedure across multiple time-zones, which not only ensures vacation cover is seamless,  but also facilitates tight deadline work to be achieved utilizing staff in a number of different offices.

So whilst you take your road-trip across Europe or sit on your beach in Florida we’ll take care of your language requirements so that when you return, just like Germany, everything will be waiting for you to start afresh.