Speeding up my day

I have fallen victim to the speed of modern world!
There you have it, a statement written by a self proclaimed geek complaining about the speed in which life is moving.
At first I thought this was just an age related issue, after all I am fast approaching a half century now, but no its not. It is actually the sheer amount of time required to keep up to speed with everything that is going on.

Have you noticed the real issue yet?

OK for those who haven’t it’s at the very end of the last statement “… everything that is going on” one simply cannot keep in touch with everything. In fact if you can keep up with just a small portion of everything you’re tantamount to a genius. The real issue is focus!

I have recently begun rereading “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy and it has been such a refreshing visit. If you haven’t already read this book and you feel that your work life “blend” is out of balance then this is a must read. I have to admit when I first read it I didn’t really read it, I skimmed through it a made a couple of notes. This time however I have digested it, list has followed list, circles and letters have been scribbled, flow charts produced, priorities set and the results are incredible and immediate.
Well this was posted a little sooner than I would have liked but it’s out there now so enjoy 🙂