Speeding up my day

I have fallen victim to the speed of modern world!
There you have it, a statement written by a self proclaimed geek complaining about the speed in which life is moving.
At first I thought this was just an age related issue, after all I am fast approaching a half century now, but no its not. It is actually the sheer amount of time required to keep up to speed with everything that is going on.

Have you noticed the real issue yet?

OK for those who haven’t it’s at the very end of the last statement “… everything that is going on” one simply cannot keep in touch with everything. In fact if you can keep up with just a small portion of everything you’re tantamount to a genius. The real issue is focus!

I have recently begun rereading “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy and it has been such a refreshing visit. If you haven’t already read this book and you feel that your work life “blend” is out of balance then this is a must read. I have to admit when I first read it I didn’t really read it, I skimmed through it a made a couple of notes. This time however I have digested it, list has followed list, circles and letters have been scribbled, flow charts produced, priorities set and the results are incredible and immediate.
Well this was posted a little sooner than I would have liked but it’s out there now so enjoy ūüôā

Always look on the bright side of life!

So the week started off a little bit bumpy to say the least. ¬†Despite getting through to numerous decision makers during the #5before9 telephone session (this involves talking to at least 5 people before the bewitching hour of 9am on a Monday morning) I found I was only to be greeted with “sorry we don’t have a requirement for your services”. ¬†This would send most people off in the wrong direction, however for me it is just a great way of ensuring that I focus on those potential clients who do want our services and I would much rather them tell me early on in the prospecting stages as opposed to stringing me along on the off chance that they might have a need for them later. ¬†The day didn’t seem to want to stop there and continued relentlessly to throw curve-balls in my direction in an attempt to knock me off track.

What this day didn’t realise is, that I’ve just had a belter of a weekend and it will take more than a couple of glitches in the process to upset the apple cart today.

The point of this blog then is about a positive mental attitude. ¬†I have been reading a number of different book on this subject matter and as a result I have been trying out various techniques. ¬†My “Stone of Life” has been set out for a number of months now and I am seeing a very positive change in the way I deal with things as a result. ¬†Truths in Life, Values in Life and a personal Mantra ¬†have all contributed to my current well-being but it is the simple things in life which seem to have had the largest impact on me this last week.

  • My 3 year old daughter reminded me about the sheer excitement that is involved in seeing a rainbow.
  • Friends of ours had a baby girl.
  • My newly born son of 3 weeks is so good that my wife gets up with a smile on her face every morning.
  • I was able to go out cycling twice this week.
  • The sun came out and blessed us with the warmest day so far this year on a Sunday.

None of these things were in any of the books I’ve read but each one of them have contributed in such a positive way to how I feel today and this has paid off.

I won’t go into detail about how things have come to pass but the resulting final statement from the people I’ve been working with today came back as follows:

thanks for taking this issue so positively I think this is the first time something like this has happened to us here and I am aware that this was an important project for you and we will do our best to get it sort out as good as possible

Now to have that kind of praise on your CV is far better than any academic qualifications.

To wrap things up then, no matter what life throws your way, try to take the simple things in life and develop a PMA towards everything you do, not only will you enjoy life more but so will those around you.