Should your content be more personal?

As the digital revolution continues to move on, even Moore’s Law is beginning to struggle to keep up so want chance have we got?  In reality though it is no longer the speed of the hardware, or in fact the speed of your internet connection, (although I would question the latter on most days) but it is in fact the speed with which we communicate these days which is the most difficult thing to keep up with.

The latest victim of this increase in desire for immediate news is Google’s Reader.  When questioned as to why they closed this service down they said that it was rarely being used and that people were getting their information much faster from other sources shared on social media.  Personally I was a quite annoyed about this decision as I liked to have a small pool of articles to read on my phone during breakfast but technology found an answer to that too and I just flipped over to another reader which gave me this and much more (sorry Google your loss on this occasion).

Back to the point though; in this ever-increasing on-line population how important is it that what you read is tailored to you?  Well if you read this blog on CMS Connected written by guest blogger Thom Robbins it would seem that it is not only important but considered the best way to market your products and/or services.

So what about the future generation of users?  The Times of India talks about the next 1 billion users possibly not being able to speak English, in fact in my last Blog there is a link to the world internet users and population statistics which corroborates this statement.

Tie these two together and suddenly the importance of having personalized content in your mother tongue is the utopia of marketing.  In fact Willy Brandt knew this quite some time ago when he said  “If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen sie Deutsch sprechen”

So without a doubt “Content Marketing” is where the future lies and delivering this content in a personalized a localized format is going to keep you, and your company, one step ahead of the rest.